The Art Studio of Deptford Winter session classes offered

1219 Delsea Drive, Deptford

Deptford community and cultural Art Center

The Winter Session starts the week of January 3 thru the Week of February 7

The Children’s Afterschool program will run thru June with no breaks-

Monday at the Studio

Calligraphy for beginners 6 to 8 pm $15. Per class $65. For 6 week program resident/ $75 non resident

Learn to create beautiful letters with pen and ink. Modern Script hand will be taught both upper and lowercase. Writing with ink, watercolor. Using various papers to create a beautiful sentiment ready to frame. Most tools and materials are included.

Tuesday at the Studio

Crochet 1 to 3pm Marie Bolopue $10 per class for Deptford residents and $15 for non Deptford residents

Learn to crochet

In this class you will learn the basic crochet stitches. By combining these stitches, you can make many decorative designs and patterns. You will also learn how to read a pattern and how to use the pattern guides. For our first project,

you will need a skein of 4 ply worsted weight yarn (Red Heart Super Saver) ..Solid or variegated yarn of your choosing. You’ll need one crochet hook size USA H or USA I (maker Boye or Susan Bates) and a pair of scissors. For each project, I will provide you with the yarn requirement.

Children’s after school program 4 to 5:30 pm $15. Per session or $60. For 6 week program resident/ $75 non Deptford resident

Children will create thru various types of materials and techniques. Building on each technique to create fun and enjoyable art.

Wednesday at the Studio

Jewelry making for beginners 6-8pm $15. Per class $65. For 6 week program resident/ $75 non resident

A beginner’s class we will make paper beads to start our journey creating a necklace and earrings. Scrabble tile and diamond glaze jewelry to create one of a kind unique piece. We will move onto metal dies and cabochons to embed photos or artwork. As we learn about resin casting and then we will create with embossing metals for  personal gifts.

Thursdays at the studio

Adult open studio, 12:30- 2pm

stop in and learn watercolor, colored pencils and various art techniques. $15. Per session or $60. For 6 week program resident/$20 per session or $75 non Deptford resident

Children’s afterschool program 4 to 5:30 pm $15. Per class $60. For 6 week program resident/ $75 non resident.

Children will create many projects that will build their techniques as well as build their confidence to create make mistakes and

Friday at the Studio

6-8pm Watercolors for beginners- winter themed projects we will learn about brushes paper and supplies to start our journey, creating wet on wet, wet on dry blending colors to create a harmonious layout. Mono color theme and so much more!  Watercolor kit will be included.

 $15. Per class $65. For 6 week program resident/ $75 non Deptford resident

For more information and for registration for classes, contact Maureen Peters 609-509-5423

Please check the website for changes or additions as new classes are always forming!

Facebook:  The Art Studio at Deptford

Author: letterworksart

Graphic arts, Lettering arts, papermaking and book arts are all part of my world. I am past president of Philadelphia Calligraphers' Society and owner of Letterworks Art Studio where I work and play, gathering knowledge of the crafts and working for clients. On most evenings you will find me teaching and sharing my love of letters, paper and book arts. I hope to blog my journey and share a glimpse with you about my world of art.

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